Alex Putzer, Universität Hamburg, Germany

I dislike the name of this blog. ‘Eurasia’. Why was this name chosen? Furthermore, the subtitle contrasts the idea of the regional approach: ‘Rethinking the World’. ‘Rethinking our version of the world’ would be more fitting and less patronizing to all of you.

Occasionally, we get to see how little we know of perspectives, motivations and life plans that differ from our personal ones. This takes form to us as a shock, a surprise, a Brexit or a Trump. We try to think outside our own box, but entering another one altogether is difficult. This disability is expressed via selfishness or geocentricism a lot of times.

Zero comes before one. It’s a huge claim to state a uniting ‘we’ part in those paragraphs. If anything at all, I can only speak about me, myself and I, and about zero other people. I can speak about my alexentristic world view, or, partially, the studentcentristic one. Or the eurocentristic one.

Europe tries to maintain its’ status as a global influencer, but its’ decline seems to be as unstoppable as the spin of the world.

Back in the day, Europe represented itself as the best and the greatest of everything and hence legitimized colonialism. This assumption took a 180-Degrees turn: these days, Europe is the cause of evil and pain in the world, hence legitimizing interventions of any kind. The cycle of great powers spins and spins and spins. Where does this lead to? Are there any clues on how to get forward?

The West is oversaturated with advanced and overtaking cultures. Another star is set to start and it has been starting for quite some years. More than 500 years ago, the ‘birth’ of the colonial child America (born either by Columbus or the Vikings; Europeans after all) was in the way of a better networking effort with Asia. The initial aim was towards the East.

History and its’ inevitable path is expressed in the name of this blog, although not in a complete manner. The biggest connected landmass in the world isn’t Eurasia, it’s Afro-Eurasia. The peninsular appendix of Europe is in the middle of a chronological order that started out in Africa, turned to Europe and is set for Asia in the future.

Being aware of our environment and understanding the hints and clues before they turn into ‘duh’s’ and ‘told you’s’ is the key to success. In order to avoid surprises it’s better to continuously enter different boxes instead of letting them wrongfully fade into oblivion.

Nobody can comprehend what’s next, only the sky knows the answer.

The sun rises in the east.

Maybe the name isn’t too bad after all.